Vakko Scarves

Vakko Scarves are produced in Europe’s most modern textile printing and dye production facilities, rigorously overseen at every stage of production by a team of experts. Designed by experienced designers at the Vakko Scarf Atelier, Vakko Scarf patterns are printed on fabric using a variety of technologies and printing systems. Some scarves are produced with digital, partially or fully automated printing systems, while the majority are meticulously hand-made on printing looms by Vakko’s experienced masters. After going through tight quality control, Vakko Scarves are ready for the “A la Lyonnaise” hand edge stitching technique that requires true mastery, applied to the frontal sides of the scarves as a finishing touch. A pair of masterful hands take an hour to complete the edge stitching of a single Vakko Scarf, before it is ready to go into the stores in its specialty boxes.


Introduced by Vakko in 1986, Vakko Art Collection interprets the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Ottoman art with a new contemporary touch every season to produce exclusive limited edition scarves.

Produced in collaboration with Italy’s renowned Como studio and very popular all over the world, works of art from various periods of Ottoman history, most prominently the classical period, İznik tile patterns and Anatolian embroidery patterns come to life on the scarves in this special collection.


Vakko’s exclusive patterns and craftsmanship meet the unique quality of silk surah.

All scarves of Vakko Exclusive Collection are hand printed. This special technique does not allow mass production, as it requires a separate process for each color, and a maximum of fifty specimens are produced of each scarf variant in the collection.

Discover the Vakko Scarf Collection.